Science of Onsen

Experience tranquility and soothe your skin with the ancient wisdom of onsen.

Our ultra soothing mineral mist collection provides instant relief and hydration for dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin. 

Medisoothe creme

Our creams are enriched with essential nutrients and soothing herbal extracts for long lasting moisture, comfort and relief.  

Free from 

Our products are responsibly formulated to be free from these controversial ingredients: 

Parabens Steroids 

Alcohol EDTA

Phthalates Triclosan

Fragrance Colorants

Our Commitment 

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Pey, a scientist and skincare expert, who believes that every product must deliver tangible results.

AEIR LAB creates responsible skincare solutions with clean, effective ingredients that you and your skin will adore.